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The Dark - Asian Supermodels So, there was nothing written about taste ? YOUR ASS !
Extremely good selection of the cream of the crop. Oriental Gals, as well as some Western stuff. Check out the TOP-GIRL, as well as the Covergal sections, some very juicy stuff.
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ANAL STORY FANTASY, [3937] [Sex fantasies with and ]:....
and dispose of the body, Syrin. I can hold him
for long enough," the magedragon said. Syrin laughed a husky laugh.
"Oh no, V'heress, this one we keep. He'll make a valuable
slave." His voice was somewhat pained, so at least I had the
satisfaction of knowing I'd hurt him. It seemed that my fate was
going to be similar to those I had captured just last night. It
certainly explained what he meant when he said that I wouldn't have my
name much longer.
Syrin dispatched some of them to fetch their things quickly. They
tied me and gagged me with rope and cloth while I was held in the grip
of the spell, and then put me in their laundry bag to smuggle me out
of the Cerulean. They held tight to the bag as they walked through the
streets, so I couldn't struggle or shout. No one was going to hamper
a gang of dragons such as these walking through the streets of
They let me out of the bag onto the carpeted floor of an
expensive inn. The decor was that special shade of yellow reserved by
the Slavers Guild, and any hopes I had of an easy escape were put to
rest when the ropes were replaced by manacles, chains, and a
well-fashioned gag. Syrin's broad chest was now enclosed withing a
yellow tabard with stripes of rank on the breast, and he wore a bright
topaz signet ring on his left hand. This marked him not only as a
slaver, but a Guildmaster as well. He easily wrestled me to my
stomach, and locked the chain from the manacles about my wrists to the
chain of the manacles about my ankles, hogtying me. Crouched over me,
still musky and wet from the Cerulean bath, he slithered his tail
under me, encircling my chest, and flipped me to my knees. I could
only kneel before him, back arched and chest puffed out to keep my
wrists close enough to my ankles for the short chains.
Syrin held the steel collar before my eyes for a time. It was
plain, the locking mechanism built in, and hinged at the front. It
had four rings welded cleanly to it for attachment purposes, and that
was all. It had a simple clarity of function, even more so when Syrin
slowly closed it about my neck. Syrin gazed down at me, pressing into
my eyes with his. The lock caught, and as a slave I had no more name.
He laid me carefully on some cushions on my stomach, and covered
me with a blanket. After taking the precaution of leashing my collar
to a ring on the wall he slept, leaving me hogtied through the long

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